Saturday, March 1, 2014

Commissary reviews

Don't believe God is teaching me a big lesson in planning?

My plan for this morning: 
eggs for breakfast, preschool with Bubby, post office and story time at the library.

What actually happened: 
 kids only wanted granola bars for breakfast, had to stop by neighbor's house 2x to pick up hand-me-downs, preschool consisted of bubby writing 3 'T's and asking if it was S week...big fat sigh...reminder that Charlie is overdue for 2 shots so we make the 30 minute drive to base, Charlie falls asleep at 9am
Shlep into clinic to find it closed for employee training, decide to make the best of the trip and head over to the commissary, forgot cash and have to pay the $3 fee for the $3 of cash I need to tip bagger (that's not what they should be called...what's the right word for the person who bags up your groceries?)


When I stopped by my neighbor's house, she was surprised that I made the trip over to the commissary...I get this reaction a lot in our new neighborhood.  I don't understand.  For one, I'm used to the drive.  Even pre-military, I was making the drive to Walmart and for locals, the drive to any "healthy" food store would be about the same commute.  I have attempted to make one big commissary run and one little local grocery run a month, but I've only found that I can't get organic or natural food at other stores.

For us, the commissary offers the healthiest choices for the cheapest price.  I took these pictures as I unloaded groceries today.

For $150.00 I got a weeks worth of healthy meals, dessert for our church group, some pantry re-stocks and household goods.  I even picked up some easy lunch and snack options for hubs and the kids...I'll be away for the weekend and didn't want him to have to worry about food.

Here's our meals for the week:

  • Straw and hay fettuccini
  • BBQ chicken pizza
  • Hamburgers, sweet potato fries, kale chips
  • Curry rice with chicken
  • Chili...splurging with yummy fritos!
  • Whole wheat waffles, strawberries and sausage
  • Bruschetta pasta, french bread, salad

Other pluses worth the trip:
* They have a clearance section full of non-perishables and it's the perfect place for us to pick up some things for our local food pantry.
* The "baggers" push your cart out and unload your groceries for you.  Huge plus when you have little ones!

All that to say, if you are military, take advantage of the commissary!  It's worth the trip, I promise.

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