Sunday, March 30, 2014

Starbucks dummy

Drinks To Order at Starbucks that WON'T Ruin Your Diet.
I don't go to Starbucks often, but when I do, I always feel like a complete dummy and wish I could join my hubby in straight up black coffee drinking.  Sure would make life easier.  I usually put milk and agave in my coffee, but when I go to starbucks I want something fun.  I mean, if I'm going to spend $4 on a cup of coffee, it better be good and something I can't make at home.  However, I always forget those "key" words and end up drinking my daily does of calories.  I don't get the difference between skinny, nonfat and light, but thanks to Pinterest, I know have some concrete drinks I know I can order.

Friday, March 28, 2014

It's a beautiful day

Charlie's double ear infection/beginning of strep/tummy issues/the worst diaper rash ever is finally gone.
Praise the Lord!

Sleep has finally returned to our house.
Praise the Lord!

My tahini finally arrived and the sweet potato hummus is made.
I guess I should praise the Lord for this too, but it was more to make you smile :)
Wednesday was my last day teaching.

I'm not really a "selfie" person, but I felt I had to document this moment for myself.
This spot was a place I dreamed of being in.  It was a place I fought hard to get to.  It was the spot that I stood in for many hours.  It grew me, challenged me and changed me.  And it was hard to say good-bye.

But the last few days have been full of encouragement, peace and joy.

What did I learn this week? 
There is so much beauty in this life.

Beauty in middle of the night snuggles.
Beauty in excellent doctors.
Beauty in self-control and not adding a single thing to a to-do list.
Beauty in older friends who offer wise counsel and genuinely love your kids.
Beauty in friends who know your heart and life long friends who understand your character.
Beauty in a Hubs with a perfect nose.
Beauty in being in the place the Lord wants you to be.

I hope you too are having a beautiful day!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Things I learned today

* This is the worst. winter. ever.

* Thomas the Train is on at 2 am

* Tummy issues in kids can be a symptom of strep

* Target is not the place to get prescriptions filled.  Prices are higher and I spent even more on treats for us while we waited

* Charlie is a sprinter and cannot be trusted out of the shopping cart.

* The outfits I've had stored in our van for forever actually came in handy today...sometimes I do  have smart moments

* Tahini is impossible to find in the grocery store...thank you Amazon for saving my sweet potato hummus plan

* Tumeric + white table = disaster

*Large jars of natural peanut butter are a terrible idea.  I do not have an hour to mix peanut butter! 

* I often forget that Hubs has hard days too.  Sometimes a listening ear is really good medicine.

* Apparently I don't look like I should have kids, according to a random woman in Target.  Then she asked if both boys were mine...I strangely get asked this a lot.  And I heard for the millionth time today "you have your hands full" when I only had 2 of my 3 kids.  What comment do women of only 1 kid hear?  What if their 1 kid really is a handful?  Do people point that out?

* I've always wondered how one becomes a "lifestyle expert" or "organization expert".  Seems like it's just a self proclaimed title.  Makes me want to make up my own title...I'm too tired to think of something witty...

Monday, March 24, 2014

Breakfast Bites

I got tired of making banana bread and muffins...mostly because my kids won't eat them.  So I started searching for ideas to use my over ripe bananas.  I call these, breakfast bites:

2 ripe bananas
1 cup quick oats
1/2 c dark choc chips
1 heaping spoonful of natural peanut butter
mix well, plop spoonfuls onto baking sheet, bake at 350 for 15 mins.

My kids still wouldn't eat them, but I found that they were perfect for a pre-workout energy boost.  Don't judge them on my kids lack of love for them...they were going through a "we don't like anything you put in front of us" week.  Hopefully it ends soon :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

More Protein Please

I have been crazy sore.  Like, wake up every time I move at night, sore.
I haven't been doing anything out of the norm...this is what the last week of workouts looked like:

Wednesday:  Body Design, 1 hour (weights/toning) + 4 mile trail run
Thursday:  Eliptical for 20 minutes, 10 push ups, 10 incline sit ups
Friday:  1 mile Run, 11 push ups, 11 incline sit ups
Saturday:  5 mile run + weights
Sunday: REST
Monday:  Spin 1 hour, 12 push ups, 12 incline sit ups, 8 pull ups
Tuesday: RIPPED
Wednesday:  1 mile Run, 12 weighted pull downs, Body Design 1 hour

And now I'm sitting on the couch, very, very sore.

Hubs hasn't been phased by any of our workouts, so I've begun to wonder what is wrong with me.  When I saw my friend who teaches RIPPED this morning, I asked her "Aren't you so sore?!  How are you teaching this morning?!"  But she said she was fine.  By this point I was sure something was very wrong with me.  I shared my concern and said I've been drinking tons of water, but maybe I'm not stretching enough.  She said the answer lies in protein.  If you get enough protein, you won't be sore.  Genius!  However, I'm weary of protein powders and shakes.  For me, they hide a lot of extra calories and sugar and my body doesn't tend to like them.   I feel like we get a lot of protein around here, but I learned today that you need 1 gram of protein for every pound you weigh, each day.  Yikes!  That confirmed that I have some serious protein work to do.  I came home and researched good sources of protein.  Here's what I found:

Wild Salmon26 grams3 oz
White meat poultry30 gramshalf breast
Milk6 grams1 cup
Cheese32 grams1 oz
Greek Yogurt6 grams1 cup
Eggs-pastured13 grams1 egg
Pork tenderloin25 grams5 oz
Lean Beef-grass fed36 grams3 oz
Pumpkin seeds33 grams1 oz
Almonds33 grams1 oz
Lentils22 grams1 cup



Whey Protein Isolate

Any good protein shake recipes out there?  Any advice on upping protein without adding tons of calories? 

I'll be sipping some chocolate milk on the couch while I wait for your advice :)

P.S.  Did you know chocolate milk is an awesome recovery snack?  They passed it out at the half marathon I ran and I thought it was a gross idea...but it's amazing!  Try it, you won't regret it.

Monday, March 10, 2014

The winter "cushion"

Time to be brutally honest.  The past few weeks, I've started feeling a little blumpier.  Clothes have been a little tighter and a little less comfortable.  It happens.  We all have weight fluctuations.  And it can be depressing, especially when you think back to how those clothes fit in the fall when you were just coming off of 1/2 marathon training.  Running is my go-to "want to get in shape" plan, but of course we got more snow last week which only thwarted all my dreams.

This morning I was determined to run, even it meant on the treadmill.  You know I'm desperate if I'm willing to jump on a treadmill!  As I was getting ready, I was chatting with a friend who confessed she was there for the same run off these pesky winter pounds.

Our conversation got me thinking.  It just doesn't make sense.  We are people who work out every day.  And not a 'stroll down the street' work out, but like a 'drenched in sweat for an hour' people, yet we're still gaining weight.  It's a defeating feeling when you're already doing what you should to lose weight, but are gaining weight.

I decided to do a little research why we gain weight in the winter.  Here's what I found:

10 reasons we gain weight in the winter:

1.  Our instincts tell us to hibernate; to be more slothful and eat more
2.  Sickness.  We feed a cold and are not able to exercise
3.  Stress.  Higher bills, holidays, snow days.
4.  We eat more when we're cold
5.  We eat more "comfort" food
6.  We eat more at holidays...thank you winter for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentine's
7.  We eat more to comfort winter blues
8.  Gaining weight is contagious!  If others around you are gaining weight, you are more likely to join their party
9.  Winter fruits and veggies are not as appealing
10.  Lower levels of Vitamin D reduces fat breakdown and triggers fat storage

So, if you are in my winter "cushion" boat, know that you are not alone.  Spring will eventually be here!  Dinners will be grilled and days will be full of playing outside.  The cushion will come off, but for now, go enjoy a few more Girl Scout cookies :)

Friday, March 7, 2014

True Story

I've been cleaning out the kids' rooms this past week; purging and reorganizing.
I have piles of trash, piles of donations and piles of things to store.

We had some friends over one evening and they have a 2 year old little boy.
I gave them a box of toys asked her what size her son was wearing...I had a pile of Bubby's clothes that were too small and new most of his summer t-shirts would be joining that pile.  I even shared with her how he's only worn some of the shirts a couple of times and I was sad they wouldn't get more use.  She answered my questions, but seemed a little hesitant.  In my snotty head, I was thinking that perhaps my hand-me-downs were not cute enough.

It took 2 days for it to dawn on my why she was giving me a strange reaction.

I have a little boy.

Oh my Charlie.  My poor 3rd child.  There's a reason God made him so I don't forget him!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Commissary reviews

Don't believe God is teaching me a big lesson in planning?

My plan for this morning: 
eggs for breakfast, preschool with Bubby, post office and story time at the library.

What actually happened: 
 kids only wanted granola bars for breakfast, had to stop by neighbor's house 2x to pick up hand-me-downs, preschool consisted of bubby writing 3 'T's and asking if it was S week...big fat sigh...reminder that Charlie is overdue for 2 shots so we make the 30 minute drive to base, Charlie falls asleep at 9am
Shlep into clinic to find it closed for employee training, decide to make the best of the trip and head over to the commissary, forgot cash and have to pay the $3 fee for the $3 of cash I need to tip bagger (that's not what they should be called...what's the right word for the person who bags up your groceries?)


When I stopped by my neighbor's house, she was surprised that I made the trip over to the commissary...I get this reaction a lot in our new neighborhood.  I don't understand.  For one, I'm used to the drive.  Even pre-military, I was making the drive to Walmart and for locals, the drive to any "healthy" food store would be about the same commute.  I have attempted to make one big commissary run and one little local grocery run a month, but I've only found that I can't get organic or natural food at other stores.

For us, the commissary offers the healthiest choices for the cheapest price.  I took these pictures as I unloaded groceries today.

For $150.00 I got a weeks worth of healthy meals, dessert for our church group, some pantry re-stocks and household goods.  I even picked up some easy lunch and snack options for hubs and the kids...I'll be away for the weekend and didn't want him to have to worry about food.

Here's our meals for the week:

  • Straw and hay fettuccini
  • BBQ chicken pizza
  • Hamburgers, sweet potato fries, kale chips
  • Curry rice with chicken
  • Chili...splurging with yummy fritos!
  • Whole wheat waffles, strawberries and sausage
  • Bruschetta pasta, french bread, salad

Other pluses worth the trip:
* They have a clearance section full of non-perishables and it's the perfect place for us to pick up some things for our local food pantry.
* The "baggers" push your cart out and unload your groceries for you.  Huge plus when you have little ones!

All that to say, if you are military, take advantage of the commissary!  It's worth the trip, I promise.