Tuesday, February 11, 2014

"Clean" snacks

My food clean up consisted of stocking up on healthy snacks.

Protein bars
Dark chocolate chip granola bars

*Hummus: use dry beans and soak over night.  Throw them in a crock pot the next morning with fresh water.   Blend that evening.  Eat with carrot and green pepper sticks.
*Granola: sprinkle on top of Greek yogurt and blueberries. 
*Dollar store snack bags are great for making home made snacks convenient.  

I only have a few food rules.  I don't tend to jump on the what should be organic and what should be gluten free bandwagon, but there are a few things that just make sense.
1.  peanut butter should be made with just doesn't need sugar or oil added.
2.  cheddar cheese shouldn't be yellow.  It just makes me mad that they add color because we think it should look yellow.
3.  baby carrots freak me out.  I save the $1 and skin/cut regular carrots to make my own baby size.

I was feeling so encouraged this week with my kids' eating.  Princess P asked for strawberries, blueberries, cucumbers, tomatoes and smoked salmon dip for lunch one day.  The next day Bubby asked for a peanut butter and cheese sandwich, carrots dipped in ketchup and cheese puffs.  Healthy? Yes.  Super gross? Yes.  But he ate the whole thing.  They are proving my theory that kids will eat what we provide them.  They may be picky and not care for everything, but they will choose healthy food if that is what is available.  I should note that the cheese puffs are "natural" but they are my boys' kryptonite...they are a sure fire way to get them to eat a meal.

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  1. Totally with you on the baby carrots (although I did use them years ago, to my shame). In addition to costing way too much, the quality is awful and they get slimy. So much better to get a pound or so of carrots and just peel and slice myself.