Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Yoga for kids

Pinterest win!  I am not a huge yoga person (mostly because I am the least flexible person that exists), but I do think it has some great health and mental benefits.  I pulled out this Pin tonight, as we were getting ready for bed.  Today was a snow day and our routine was all off.  Yes, it had it's blessings, but we were all feeling a little bit of the "snowed in stir crazies".  We put pj's on, went through these stretches and were all feeling refreshed and relaxed.  Princess P even asked if we could do it again...which I definitely plan on doing.  If you too are feeling a little bit of the winter crazies, try some of these stretches.

1.  Jumping Tree
2. Flying heart
3. Falling star
4. Kissy knee
5. Star

8 itty bitty yoga poses to help your kids calm from tantrums, to burn energy and sleep better...
Yoga for kids...source here

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