Thursday, January 16, 2014

Happy New Year!

I decided to take a little blogging hiatus to focus on our family during the holidays.  We spent a lot of quality time together, we traveled and quite frankly, we were sick...a lot.  New Year's was a blur, so I decided to declare my own "New Year's Day" yesterday, when life was a little more normal. 

I kicked off 2014 going back to my roots.  I've heard a million times "A new year, a new you!".  What if I want to be the old me?  I think there's something precious about knowing who you are, accepting it and appreciating it.

I cleaned and organized the house to start the year in the right direction.  Plus, "old me" relaxes a lot more when things are in their place.

 I put on my grandma's apron, pulled out her old cookbook and spent the afternoon cooking.


There is absolutely nothing better than fresh bread.
Princess P enjoying a fresh after school snack
 We had ham and potato soup for dinner, followed by a butterfinger dessert.  I thought it was funny my grandma had a candy bar dessert in her cookbook, but I figured it must be good if she made it...and it was:)

Yummy food and your family is always a great way to start the new year.  And while I don't want to be "a new Jen", I do have a few goals for 2014.
Top of that list: execute meals better

Yes, I cook every day from scratch and would even venture to say that I am a good cook.  However, it seems that often my execution is off.  For instance, last week's meals looked like this:
Monday: tortilla soup (in crockpot) beans were still crunchy, so we had to go out for dinner
Tuesday: roasted ranch chicken (in crock pot), potatoes and carrots...chicken was still a little pink, so we had soup from the night before
*About this time Hubs reminds me that it's called a slow cooker for a reason... maybe I have an extra slow-slow cooker
Wednesday: finally ate the chicken, that was now dry from cooking 2x
Thursday: speghetti and meatballs...completely forgot to serve the salad

A friend recently asked me what was the most challenging part of cooking...planning? shopping? recipes?  Nope.  Hardest part of cooking is juggling little ones.

I get distracted with a little Charlie who is climbing in all the cabinets and playing with all of my utensils and screaming for a bottle and taking his diaper off to show he's angry.  Then Bubby walks in and needs help with a toy and is upset that I actually want him to put real clothes on instead of living in his pj's.  Princess P will waltz in and needs her 4th snack in 30 minutes because she was too busy chatting at lunch and didn't actually eat.  About this time Hubs gets home and full on craziness know, the "DADDY'S HOME!-how was your day?-kids want to play but daddy wants to unwind-is something burning?" time? 

Maybe in 2014 I'll master the juggling act...
or maybe I'll just simplify my meals :)


  1. We have the same issues here!! I am starring to prep most things during nap/quiet time because afternoons are CRAZY.

  2. I'm glad I'm not alone! I thought I was safe with crock pot things, but even that has been letting me down.