Wednesday, December 18, 2013

"So, are you still doing that exercise thing?"

I was asked this at a recent Christmas someone who has known me for 5 years!

Yes, yes.  I'm still doing that exercise thing.

But are you?

I've had several people tell me this week that they just haven't had the time to get in their exercise.  There's baking and parties and shopping and wrapping and pageants and no time.

I totally get it, but I think seasons like this will be more enjoyable if we carve out just 10 minutes for ourselves.  I haven't talked to a person yet who has said, "I'm eating cookies galore and I feel fabulous!"  Nope.  Everyone is saying "I'm eating cookies galore and I feel fat!".

Here's my 2 cents.  Eat cookies, but not galore.  Enjoy the yummy food, just not all the yummy food.
AND, go for a run.  A short run.  Around the block while Hubs wraps a few presents.  Jump on the treadmill for a mile jog while you watch a clip of your favorite Christmas movie.

Trust me, just a few minutes a day will make you feel better and you'll relax and who knows, maybe even enjoy the holiday that you've been busting your butt for.

Not a jogger?  Walking also works.  OR do this 3 times a day:

10 squats
10 push ups
10 sit ups

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas photos

Having a hard time capturing the magic of Christmas?

This should make you feel better about the pictures you're getting...

Considering submitting this to "Awkward Family Photos"...

Merry Christmas, from the angry 3 year old.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

It's the most wonderful time of the year

The Nativity is up and we've begun our family Advent readings.  My bible lays open to Luke chapter 1 in the center of our kitchen, as I pray our focus this Season is on Jesus. 

We don't do Santa or Elf on the shelf with our kids, but teach them that we celebrate Jesus' birth by giving gifts, just like the wise men brought Jesus gift and like God gave us the gift of his only son.

But I have a confession.  I love Christmas movies.  Not the good ole classics, no, the cheesy, romantic comedies that are made for TV and have nothing to do with Jesus.  They might just be my love language.  Pair that with a Christmas puzzle, a hot drink, a lit fireplace and some peppernuts and I am one happy girl.

Every year, for the month of December, I go into this wonderful place.  A place where I make time for things I really love.  I bake cookies and make gifts with the kids, and when they're asleep, I put on a movie and work on my puzzle.  I'm happy and I think in turn, the house is happier. 

Tonight as I was finishing up chores and putting the kids to bed and anticipating my upcoming "me time", I realized that I need to find something that gives me this wonderful time, year round.  I would normally say running would be this, but I love that Hubs and I exercise together. 

Perhaps 2014 will be the year of finding my hobby, aka year round wonderful time of the year.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


 We had an amazing Thanksgiving...hope you did too!
I love the Christmas season, but I'm kinda sad to take down my fall decorations.

2 things forever changed our house this year:

spatchcocked turkey


Never going back.
It's nice to upgrade a classic.

After our fabulous feast, we set up our Christmas tree...made me think of this clip.