Saturday, November 23, 2013

Today's Thankfulness

The morning after my last post, I wrote this:

After last night's post, I went bed...only it was a rough night.  Up 3 times with 3 different kids and not feeling so great myself.  In the midst of wiping snotty noses and getting drinks, I found myself feeling thankful.  Today, I'm praising the Lord for a new morning and asking Him to help me let go of perfection and find my value only in Him-not in how clean my house is, how well behaved the kids are or how much I think my hubby loves me.  I'm resting on the truth that I am never alone and that Christ loves me no matter what...he loves me when there's pasta thrown all over the floor, he loves me when my kids are screaming and climbing on furniture and he loves me even when I don't show others love.
Today I will fill my moments with thankfulness.

I'm thankful for...
an immune system to fight bugs
for coffee!
hubby's job and the ability to stay home
kleenex and hot showers
playdough and Bubby's ability to think outside of the playdough box
*correction: home made playdough that is safe when eaten :)
my kids love for learning

I planned on leaving my computer out for the day and writing down everything I was thankful for.  In every situation, I would turn it to thankfulness.
I left to teach my body design class and came home to the unexpected...strep.  It hit hard and furious and the next couple days were a blur.  Hubby ended up getting it too, but caught it so quickly that he said he never felt that bad.  I confess that I was angry for a few minutes.  He was fine, but I couldn't swallow or sleep or talk.  I had a fever and every inch of my body hurt.  And the kids thought it was great time to hit a growth spurt all at the same time and all they wanted to do was eat...or maybe that was because I let them eat an entire bag of marshmallows.

But you know what the great thing about strep is?  You can't fight with your spouse or yell at your kids.  You can't clean the house or do laundry.  Nope, instead you have to lay on the couch and watch your kids play and savor their childhood.  You have to feel the love your hubby as he brings you tea,  and you have to realize that life still goes on with a messy house.  Having strep this week, made that 'not very good day' post look great.  I soon found myself thankful for simply the ability to eat lunch or sing to my baby or read the kids books.  There's so much that I take for, a voice, good food. 

One night, I found myself praying, "Lord, I need a miracle."
No sooner had I prayed that than a friend from church came to mind.  She's battling cancer for the third time...what must her prayers be?  I have strep that will be gone in a few days with antibiotics.  I shouldn't be praying for a miracle for me, I should be praying for a miracle for her. 

My brain is still a little foggy from the medicine, so I apologize if this post doesn't make sense.  Tomorrow begins Thanksgiving week and I'm looking forward to great fellowship and lots of yummy food.  Hubs and I just made the grocery know it's going to be a good week when '7 boxes of cream cheese' is on your list :) 

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  1. I love you! I'm so thankful you're my friend. It is very easy to forget how huge of a blessing our health is until we are sick ;( I hope you feel better soon!