Monday, November 11, 2013

Thinking Face

I taught my normal spin class this morning.  I have several plans I cycle through and went on autopilot as I started my "spin 2" routine.  I started thinking about possibly posting a spin workout on the blog and how I would outline it and if anyone would even be interested in a post like that.  Class seemed normal...same people, same workout, same sweaty mess afterwards...good times.  Afterwards, one of the "regulars" came up to me.  He usually says "good class young lady", but today he said, "Good class.  But you seemed deep in thought the first part of class, like something is really bothering everything okay?"  I was surprised at his concerned and assured him everything was fine and apologized for seeming to be distracted. 

When I told Hubs what happened, he said, "Yeah, you do have a concerned look when you're thinking".  Oh no.  This happens to me all the time!  I very frequently will let my thoughts wonder while exercising and "go somewhere else".  I can't tell you how many times I've caught myself spacing out in RIPPED and don't realize I'm thinking about cooking dinner until I'm still doing jumping jacks and everyone else has moved on to push ups.  I'm sure my fellow instructors don't appreciate it...or maybe they think I'm just super slow and uncoordinated. 

Anyway, apparently my zoning out is scaring participants and I don't know how to solve my concerned look when I think.  It's spin for goodness sakes!  We're sitting on a bike that goes nowhere for an hour and thinking about something other than the dark wall in front of me helps the time pass. 
Maybe I'm too comfortable with my workouts.  Maybe I should chew gum the whole time so I can't scowl.   Maybe I should just let them all think I'm mean. 

Well, I already made the mistake of telling my spin class I'm subbing tomorrow too...10 bucks says no one shows up.

Any thoughts how I can solve my problem?

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