Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Spin Workout #1

Well, you all owe me 10 bucks...7 people actually showed up for class today (the room only holds 10)!  I thought I better share this workout so I don't think about it anymore and scare even more people.  If you look around the web at spin workouts, they are BORING.  Here's my non-boring, slightly ADD, will make you pour buckets of sweat workout.

So jump on your bike that goes nowhere and pump some music.

All I want to do, Sugarland: warm up
     flat road.  slow pace.  make sure your shoulders are back, down and relaxed.  hands should be light on the handle bars.
Every good thing, The Afters: alternate sitting and jogging every 15 seconds.  Gear: 8
Gold, Britt Nicole: alternate between a medium and high gear every 15 seconds, stay sitting
       I alternate between gear 10 and 13.  Keep RPM's in 80's, even in high gear.
Get back up, tobyMac: alternate standing and hovering over seat every 30 seconds.  Gear: 10
Tornado, Little Big Town: sit whole song at a medium/high gear.  I do should be uncomfortable, but not "you think the instructor hates you" hard.
Rollin in the deep, Adele: climb big hill.  Start at 10, move up a gear every 15 seconds...I max it out at 20
Footloose, Glee cast: RPM: 100-110.  Jog on chorus, keeping that 100 RPM
I want crazy, Hunter Hayes: Standing rolling hills.  switch gears every 15 seconds, from 10-15.
Everybody Dance Now, workout music mix: 8 count jumps
Rise, Shawn McDonald: peddle backwards, stay sitting.  Gear: 12, RPM: 70's
Little white church, Little Big Town: stand up, lean forward, hover seat, sit down...move positions every 15 seconds
Take it all, Hillsong live: sprint every 15 seconds
What makes you beautiful, One Direction: slow jogs on chorus...focus on only your legs moving
NY2LA, Press Play: climb hill, alternate standing  (i.e. start at gear 10, sit for 15 seconds, stand for 15 seconds.  press it up to 11, sit for 15 seconds, stand for 15 seconds).  End song at top of hill...
Me without you, TobyMac: stand at the top of that hill and alternate gears between 18, 20, 18, 13
Stuck like glue, Sugarland: stretch

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