Tuesday, November 19, 2013

One of those days

Having one of those days...a day that may just push me over the edge.

~I burned the "warmed rice in sock" pinterest idea to clear Princess P's congestions...nothing like a house full of stink to clear some snot.

~Speaking of snot, Princess P woke up with her entire face covered in dried snot.  I can handle puke and poop, but snot is my worst enemy.

~Besides all my efforts of extra vitamins and probiotics, we are all fighting the snot bug.

~Both boys refused to put on shoes this morning so I shoved them into the stroller, screaming, and ran Princess P to the bus stop.  One mom asked "is it one of those mornings?"...asking that is kinda like asking if you're grumpy.

~The homemade finger paint turned out clumpy and Bubby's school "leaf" project looked like he just sneezed on some construction paper.

~I mopped the floor twice, only to leave it slippery and the kids were falling left and right.

~Charlie threw 3 bowls of pasta, 1 bowl of applesauce and a cup of milk on said mopped floor...yet it was still slippery.

~Charlie refuses to say anything but "dadda" which irritates me to no end because all I hear is "MOMMY, MOMMY, MOMMY!" from the other two.

~The rice crispy treats were too gooey and the healthy cereal I used was not crunchy.

~I almost missed getting Princess P off the bus because I was getting the boys their maditory millionth snack for the day.

~"Mommy!  Charlie's standing on the table!"...need I say more?

Wish I had a big long page of encouragement for the mom reading this who had a similar day...I don't.  I'm going to bed and praying that Princess P wakes up with zero snot on her face and asking for strength to get through tomorrow.  I know there will be a I will miss all of this craziness...Charlie won't always be a wave of danger and destruction, they won't always need something of every second of every day, they won't always be small enough to carry to bed.  Each day is precious...but today I'm feeling like it's a miracle I survived.


  1. I do remember days like that, when the whole notion of the "joy" of motherhood seemed like a joke. I won't tell you that it gets better or goes so fast. You're in it right now and sometimes that chaos isn't a lot of fun. But I will say next week you'll have extra hands all around to help you.

  2. I really appreciate your comment...most would have said "tomorrow will be better" but the truth is, tomorrow will have different hard things. It's so easy to not be real with one another.
    I am SO looking forward to next week!