Saturday, November 2, 2013

God provides

When I was pregnant with Princess P, Hubs and I were both working full time jobs.  We spent those 9 months trying to figure out how we would live off of just one of our incomes.  It was a sacrifice for me to quit and stay home with our baby, but a sacrifice that is well worth it...for us.  First, I have to say that my Hubs works hard.  At the time, he was a youth pastor and would build websites on the side and we always had what we needed.  And although I am a purger and not a shopper, there were times that I would start to worry about being able to give our babe what she needed.

It didn't take long for me to see how great God provides for his children.  What a beautiful thing it is to see!  Every time we had a need, someone would be looking to get rid of something.  I LOVE hand-me-downs.  I want my kids to be kids and not be worrying about getting brand new clothes dirty.  Lots of baby gear is only used a few months and can easily make it through several paces.  Perhaps my favorite hand-me-down is a highchair.  Our kids were messy eaters and it was great to not have dollar signs starring at me every time baby food was splashed all over it.

Over the years, I've had new moms express the same concern to me and I love that I can share with them the stories of God providing for my kids.

At the beginning of this month the weather started to get chilly.  I decided it was time to break out the fall clothes and started to dig through the back of closets.  Having just moved this summer I knew it wouldn't be an easy task.  After some time of organizing, I realized that Bubby had zero fall clothes.  One pair of pants and that was it!  No jacket, no long sleeved shirts, no tennis shoes.  We headed to TJ Max and I scored a $10 jacket that I hoped would tide us over until I figured something out.
A few days later, I was searching for a specific toy for school and opened the last box in the house labeled 'Toys'...only to find it wasn't toys, it was all of Bubby's fall clothes from last year!  Sure, some were now too small, but there were a few that he could still wear.  I was so thankful!


 But then...
a few days later a friend sent me a text that she left something on my porch.
I opened the door to find 4 giant bags full of clothes.
Like so giant that I could barely drag them inside.

My dinning room exploded into piles of clothes and it took me a week to sort through everything!
There were oodles clothes for all of my kids!

But it still gets better.
There was a good chunk of clothes that were too small for Princess P or that she simply didn't care for (she's very picky about clothes).  There was also a good chunk of these clothes that still had the price tag on!  My preschool co-op friend came over for school and I asked if by chance her girls needed any clothes.  I could see the emotion in her eyes and she said, "Actually, YES!  What an answer to prayer!"  I filled 2 bags of clothes for her and she said it was exactly what she needed for her girls.

God provides for all our needs, perhaps in ways we don't expect it.
For the new momma, you may not have designer clothes, but you will have all that you need.

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