Monday, October 7, 2013

Ultra Plank Routine

I got this plank routine from a fitness blog.  This is a time when you can grab those 5lb weights, but I challenge to try 7.5's. 
So, grab a mat and a set of weights.  Place one weight on each side of your mat.

Hold plank the entire time...even if you drop to your knees, make sure your body is straight!  During this routine, it's important to make sure both hips are facing the floor.  It will be easy to turn to the side, but don't compromise your form.  If you feel yourself tilting, drop to your knees.
  • 20 alternate shoulder touches
  • 20 alternate leg lifts
  • 10 bicep curls...each arm
  • 10 tricep kickbacks...each arm
  • 10 elbow raise...each arm
*Repeat 3 times.


  1. Well the best part of your new public blog is I'm not going to get bored with my workout routines because I can just start trying yours! This looks difficult, I will need to try it when we're back from vacation (but I think five pound weights are probably something to aim for right now -- I'll get there someday).

  2. Quick question -- I've Googled plank elbow raises but I'm coming up with conflicting exercises. Do you mean something like a one arm row only from the plank position? Or is this rolling from one elbow to the other, so from full plank to side plank etc? Or do you mean moving from plank to dolphin (elbow plank)? I'll muddle through today but wondered what you had in mind. Thanks!

  3. It's similar to a one arm row. Bend your arm to a 90 degree and lift/lower...I'll try to find a video or make one in the morning.