Friday, October 4, 2013

Fall Decorating

We moved into a new house this summer...this is the third home we've rented.
Our last house was white.white.white.
And not a warm ivory white, just a cold and sterile white.
"They" wouldn't let us paint, so it took a lot to warm up all the white.

See?  All white.   
sorry for the random picture...just needed proof

  We lived in that house for 4 years and with each year I added decorations.
*I'm not a nick-knack decorator.  I like simple, clutter-free, kid-proof decorating*
I always LOVED getting out our tubs of fall decorations because it meant warmth and color were coming into the house.

I brought out the Fall tubs with the same excitement this year, in the new house.
But boy was it a let down.
In a white house, those few colorful things made me feel wonderful.
But in a house with lots of color on the wall, it just looks...normal.

I decorated our fireplace and the tub was empty.
I kept looking in it, hoping it would be like Mary Poppins' purse and produce more items.
Scratching my head, I thought "What happened to all my stuff?!"
Nope.  It was all there and out and I only had the fireplace done.
A neighbor told me that she only decorates her dining room for seasons/holidays, 
and it left me wondering if this was the norm.
Maybe just my fireplace was sufficient...

What rooms do you decorate seasonally?
Do you have "normal" decorations and just add seasonal accents or do you change everything?


  1. When the boys were growing up, I did a lot more seasonal decorating -- a tiny bit for Halloween, some fall decorations, some Thanksgiving and a lot more for Christmas. January was always so depressing because everything got put away. I did have one wall hanging my mother made for Valentine's Day but that was it. I never decorated for other seasons.

    Now I don't decorate for anything except Christmas. We go see you guys for Thanksgiving so there's no point in doing anything for that, no kids are in the house for Halloween (although I don't know if we'll get any trick or treaters where we live now so maybe I'll get a pumpkin for the porch?) plus the cats like to get into things.

  2. I love your fireplace! It looks awesome!! I have great intentions/slacker execution when it comes to seasonal decorations. Pretty much, our house looks the same all year round except for Christmas...