Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bosu Ball Workout Out

*For this workout, I use a plated bar and Bosu Ball.  However, you can still do the workout with just hand weights.

Turn on some music and warm up!

Warm up:
 30 second intervals, repeat 2x:
  • Run in place
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Mountain climbers
For added calorie burning, repeat the warm up half way through your work out.  The heart rate boost will help burn more calories as you lift. 
Pick up your weights and hold them in front of you.  Place your feet shoulder width apart and roll your shoulders down and back.

Dead lifts:  16 reps
-leave the last one hinged over and do 16 wide rows
*repeat 2x

Bicep curls:  8 reps
-hold the last one half way: forearm curls, 8 reps
Bicep curls: 8 reps, 3 count lift/ 1 count down
-forearm curls: 8 reps

Plie squat: right foot on Bosu (ball side up), 10 reps
-hold the last one down, pulse for 8 counts
Static lunges:right foot on Bosu (ball side up), 10 reps
-hold the last one down, pulse for 8 counts
*repeat for left side
*repeat 2x

Tricep push backs:  weights behind, resting on rear...push straight back, 16 reps
clean press:  10 reps
*repeat 2x

Release weights and flip Bosu over so ball in on the groundStand on top of Bosu and hold onto something if needed.

Squats: 16 reps
Calf raises:  16 reps
*repeat 2x

Flip Bosu over and get ready to go down to the floor

Chest press:  upper back resting on Bosu ball, hips lifted off ground, feet planted on ground shoulder width apart.  Weights at shoulders, press straight overhead.
8 single reps
8 reps, 3 count up/1count down

Sit on top of the ball

Overhead press: lift weights straight over head, 10 reps

*repeat chest press
8 single reps
8 reps, 1 count up/3 count down 

*repeat overhead press

One arm push ups: one hand on Bosu ball, one hand on floor.  12 reps each side

Hip presses: feet planted on Bosu ball, lay flat behind it, weight on hips.  Lift hips, keep shoulders firm on ground.
8 reps, both feet planted
8 reps, right foot across left knee
8 reps, left foot across right knee
8 reps, both feet planted
*hold last rep on all sets and pulse for 8 counts

Sit on top of the ball

V-ups: hands on floor behind you and feet lifted off ground.  Bring chest and knees together.  16 reps
Crunches: 20 reps
Boat rows:16 reps

Flip Bosu over, rest forearms on flat side

Plank-clock turns: hold plank, with arms on Bosu.  Push it forward, side, back and side.


Warning: You will be sore the next day.  Drink lots of water!

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  1. Nice! Now I have no excuses for not getting a Bosu ball! When we're back from vacation (and after you beat my son in the Hog Jog), I'll get one and report back on how sore I am!