Friday, September 27, 2013

Why a new blog?

I actually started this blog about 9 months ago as a journal for myself.  I called it 'A Simple Momma' because our family blog is titled 'A Simple Life' and sometimes I just want to be simply Jen.  I've contemplated about expanding the blog for awhile, but could never build up the nerve to actually let it be public.

So what made me decide to jump in?
When I was training for a half marathon, I struggled with blisters and went searching for cures.  I scoured blogs for advice and wisdom.  I found a great running blog and fell in love with it.  I don't know this girl...she's just a plain Jane girl like me, posting about her everyday life...but I found her blog so refreshing.  She gave great running advice, practical tips and made me laugh every single day.

So when several people asked me to post workouts or things to do when they couldn't make it to a class, I thought maybe it would be worth starting a blog.  Maybe this plain Jane girl could also inspire a random reader.

I often feel like I'm just muddling through life, continually trying to figure things out.  For real, there must be an answer to keeping up on folding laundry!  But then I kept hearing, "that's inspiring" or "you've inspired me" and I realized that perhaps we're all muddling through this life and why not do it together.  Why not laugh with eachother when a Pinterest project fails, encourage each other when kids' problems seem unsolvable or push each other to run one more mile?

But enough about blogging, my parents are coming to visit this evening and I've got to go deep clean random things in my house.   Anyone else find themselves doing this when company is coming?  Why can't I convince myself that no one is going to look in my oven and judge me on how clean it is?

I welcome you to my new blog...grab a diet coke, sit back and read some old posts and have a fabulous weekend!


  1. I love the new blog, it looks great! Can't wait to read more posts!