Thursday, September 26, 2013


Princess P ready for ballet
Most Saturday's, Hubby and I go for a run in the morning, then Princess P has ballet.  We'll run some errands or get a house project done and then cook a good meal.  Sounds blissful, right?

Except there's one problem.
I hate Saturday's.

It's taken me a good year to figure it out I just have to figure out how to solve it.
In my mommy head, Saturday should be blissful.
Hubby is home to help.  We're all together and should enjoy every minute of our "free" time together.
I want to stay in my pj's for an extra long time and sip an extra amount of coffee.  I usually have a secret "to-do" list tucked away in the back of my brain for all the moments that hubby will be playing with the kids and I have time all to myself.

In reality, the kids are up earlier than normal, immediately asking for a million things at once.  The coffee turns cold while I'm trying to get everyone ready so we can get to the Y before child watch closes.  The 1st grader wants to go to the park, the zoo, the pool and Target, while the Hubby who has to travel to work everyday wants to do nothing.  Both are complaining to me who is just trying to get one simple chore done!  Oh, and that good meal we want to cook?  Yep, I forgot half the ingredients we need for it which equals approximately 3 trips to the grocery store in one afternoon and a 'trying-not-to-be-annoyed' hubby.

Bliss out the door.  Grumbling and complaining enter in.

I don't know how to juggle everyone's expectation for Saturday.
All I know is to pray.
Pray hard.
Saturday is coming.

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