Sunday, September 29, 2013

Enjoy where you are. always.

 Today, Hubs and I ran a 5k on the trail...our "usual" Saturday morning routine.
We agreed to take it slow this morning, but I think Hubs started getting nervous for the race in 2 weeks and we averaged an 8:30 pace the whole time, finishing in 25 minutes.  For a trail run, this was fast for us (while training for the half marathon, I averaged a 9:30 on the trail).  

Lessons learned this morning:
1.  training for a marathon will make you a faster runner.  Now that I've run 13 miles, 3 at a faster pace doesn't seem as hard.
2. Weather makes a huge difference.  It was a perfect 70 degrees, with no humidity and I could actually breath!  Running through the hot summer sure makes me appreciate fall.
3. Attitude is huge when running.  This morning I was so thankful to be on the trail with my hubby.  It's a place that I love and a place I've longed to be for a long time.

This was us 1 year ago, on our first trail run post-Charlie:

I struggled a lot after Charlie was born, with insecurities about myself.  Hubs was supportive, encouraging and loved me no matter how in shape I was...but I couldn't accept it.  I didn't feel good enough and was angry that I couldn't run with him like we used to.  It got so bad that I refused to run with him and it took months of long runs by myself to overcome my emotional hurdles.  

But as we ran the hills yesterday, I found myself thankful for those hurdles.  Because of the hard times, it made this good time, even sweeter.  It goes the same for working out.  It's good to have a really hard run or a period of struggling with working out, because then you get to look back and say, "remember when getting up this hill was really tough?  And today I sprinted up it!"

So yesterday, although it was just a fast 5k run in the books, was huge to me.  I was back on the trail with my love.  We were back to enjoying the trail together and I could finally accept myself, for where I was and not where I thought I should be.

We went back to the Y and Ben did his push up/sit up routine (he does literally 100's) and I conquered Leanne's 3 minute plank challenge.  I also did some of these:
they're my new favorite abs.
BOSU Ball V-Ups

Have you attempted the 3 minute plank challenge?

My advice for conquering it is to change position every 30 seconds.
Try going through this sequence:
half plank (on elbows)
right half side plank (on elbow)
left half side plank
full plank
right full plank
left full plank.
 and just because I have work-out ADD, I added some hip dips, leg lifts and arm extensions to the variations.  Basically if you keep something moving, it takes your mind off of the burning that you're feeling for 3 minutes.

Hope you enjoy this beautiful weekend, whether it's running or playing at the park with your kids!
Just remember, no matter what you're doing, enjoy it.
And if you're not, then go inside and do a plank for 3 minutes and it will make whatever you were doing before look a lot prettier :)


  1. I've thought about getting a BOSU ball for my workouts. I love my stability ball, and free weights but I've heard good things about the BOSU. Got any recommendations for the balls or any DVDs for workouts using them?

  2. I have a workout for the ball and bosu I can post. I might have a DVD for the stability ball...I'll check and let you know.

  3. Oh I've got stability ball workouts -- just looking for the BOSU :)