Thursday, June 20, 2013

I am tired

there.  I said it.
bone tired.
everyone in this house seems to think that 5:30am is a fabulous time to wake up.
yes, it's a fabulous time for me to get up and drink a cup of coffee while I spend time with Jesus.
But it sure is hard to hear Jesus when 3 little ones are crying!
I'm teaching 4 classes a week and training for a half marathon.
we're moving in t-minus 9 days.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

3 gifts that really made me smile

  • Princess P's little arm wrapped around Hubby's as they sat together in church
  • snuggling up with Bubby in bed before his nap...always thinking how he just fits so perfectly in my arms
  • hearing "he's getting so big!" from nursery workers as Charlie pushes a walking toy

My Grandma

My grandma died.
I'm not sure how to even process.  
Watching her die was the hardest thing I've ever had to do.  Saying good-bye was heart wrenching.  Taking care of my kids on top of the stress...I'm not sure how they even survived-but they were amazing.

One morning we were in our hotel room...Princess P was working quietly on her homework and Bubby was playing peek-a-boo with was moment that will forever be stamped on my heart.  I put them through so much that week; airplane rides, many car rides, little sleep, odd meals, long afternoons of staying quiet at great-grandma's, mornings in a hotel room with no toys.  But at a time that was stressful and sad, they were content and happy.

 My grandma was amazing and always so loving.

How do we continue on family traditions without her?